Transitional Wardrobe

With Winter in full swing- it’s all about coats, boots and warm jerseys.

But what about that period in between?

As you may know from my previous posts, I have a capsule wardrobe – this is a “mini wardrobe” so to speak, of items you love to wear, bought consciously/purposefully and generally really great quality.

While many stick to numbers, like the 37 piece seasonal wardrobe of Caroline Rector of Unfancy or the Project 333, I have decided to forgo this, as it can be quite limiting, and have stuck to having a mindful closet, with good quality pieces and easy to assemble outfits (I tend to mix both summer and winter pieces because of the weather in this city and I have the space to store all my clothing to be accessible at all times).

Here are a few tips that I use to maintain both my sanity and my style:

Plan and Visualise your outfits and your closet

For me, layering is key to transition into winter, you get the right amount of coverage to keep cosy – but with Cape Town weather, you can always peel off a layer or two should the need arise.

Another way to ease into the transition is to plan outfit “recipes” – this is what works for you (think of it as a uniform) so you can just grab what you need and go.

I use the Stylebook App to keep track of the items in my closet as well as outfit ideas. (I’ve seen the combyne app online as well – as I think Stylebook App is still only available on iPhone only.)

The app shows you what your most worn item is, the value of your closet, the colours of your closet and even the cost per item (and if you are getting your value for money per item).

You can also check the percentages of your closets, colours, price, fabric and size:

I use the app to build outfit ideas as well as track my outfits worn.

Some of my outfit recipes include:

Comfy pants (think jogger style) in cotton fabrics, with a comfy jersey/knit top and sneakers. This is my go to casual look, weekend/shopping/errand running kinda vibes.

For those warmer days in between, I love a loose t-shirt dress, preferably with sleeves (so I don’t need to layer) – this can be dressed up for a night time look with riding boots and a leather jacket.

Definitely come a long way since drawing up my capsule wardrobe outfits and recipes on paper:

Find items that serve a dual purpose

Like a dress that can double as a skirt and a shirt that could be worn as a light jacket.

This way you get more out of your closet and you can easily mix and match items to work with one another.

Colour palettes = mixing palettes

Having a standard colour palette for your closet (as a whole or seasonally) can help ease the process of transitioning into cooler or warmer weather.

My standard go to is black and white with greys or blues.

I love a pop of colour now and then – at the moment, thanks to my sister – I have been experimenting with mustard and it just works because most of my closet works well with the colour.

Good quality, classic items

I find that investing in items that are good quality and simple/classic lines will last longer, never goes out of style and just gets better with age.

There are certain things I may skimp on and buy because I like it at the time (like the sock boot from Mr Price that I got recently)

I probably won’t wear it forever, like say, my leather riding boots, but it works with my wardrobe right now.

It’s important to feel comfortable and have a flow between items.

These are a list of my go to transitional items:

For me it’s all about the layering,


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