Pregnancy: 1st Trimester

Hello my lovelies! So if you have been following me on social media, you would know that we are currently expecting our first little one.

If you don’t know, now you know haha!

I meant to post every trimester buuuuuttttt I think that was being rather optimistic!

So here we are at 36 weeks and recapping the journey thus far before little one blesses us with his presence…

I am sure that for most of my mommy/daddy readers finding out, no matter whether it was planned or not, comes with a sheer amount of emotions that are equally overwhelming.

We had known that we wanted to start a family, yet were still a bit taken aback as to how soon it happened!

I also happened to be in denial for two weeks, brushing off the nausea and exhaustion to just not getting enough sleep or my exercise routine

But once that second (albeit feint) line appeared, there was no denying what was happening and the changes that were all about to come… *Cue mandatory pee stick photo:

and just to be sure – the trusty Clear Blue test confirmed it to us for sure, we had a little baby bean on the way (okay at that point, it was more poppy seed than bean, but baby bean just sounds cuter!)

With the first trimester comes the ever so controversial “12 week rule” – not telling anyone until you have surpassed the critical stage of the first trimester.

We had decided (even before baby was on the books) that this was what we had wanted – being the private people we are, as well as my personal feelings towards this (I was not ready to have to emotionally deal with anyone telling me, “it’s going to be okay” and “I am so sorry”).

We didn’t get around to that as I had an infection at 5 weeks and ended up going to the emergency ward (all ended up well alhamdulilah and I ended up finding my amazing gynae, Dr Tania Victor).

Other than that scary start, my first trimester consisted of trying not to throw up and desperately attempting to stay awake (the first trimester exhaustion is real! I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and no matter how hard I tried, slept and rested, I just woke up bone tired.)

Surprsingly, I didn’t have any aversions to specific foods (or cravings for that matter) – I did, however, have a strong dislike towards opening the fridge, bin or doing the dishes. Labeeq was (and still is) the most supportive and understanding partner I could have ever asked for.

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