Event: Patel Baby Shower

Hello Lovelies! So last weekend we hosted my sister and brother-in-law’s baby shower (co-ed showers for the win!)

The look of actual surprise | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien

I think the most difficult part was the secret keeping(not everyone is as good a keeper as myself or Cindy (the bestie) or Suaad (the sister)).

dsc_3842Measuring the bump | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien

As with any given day in Cape Town, it started with drizzle… not the most picturesque setting for a garden party baby shower, but, with a gazebo and some strategically placed seating, we made it work.

We wanted a twinkle starred, pretty themed baby shower. Nothing too girly (and pink) but still feminine enough for a tiny baby girl.

As the venue was a garden, we kept the decor minimal and let the natural elements shine (the drizzle really made the greenery stand out – lucky us).

My sister wasn’t all for pink-pink for girl so we mixed it up with creams, golds, whites and greys.


Baby Clothes Line | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


No-Jito and Berry Punch | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


My water broke! | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


Stripey Stripes | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien

We had the “guess the bump game” where guests were asked to cut a string, as big as they thought Ilhaam’s belly is, and then when she arrived, measured each guests string and the winner who guessed the closest (or the same in this case) won!

Karen, who had not seen Ilhaam since she was months along won this challenge.

The guests of honour were also required to carry around baby dolls, and were asked to soothe, burp and feed the baby throughout the day.

The fun part was that the parents to be got to partake in the “blindfolded diaper challenge” against each other (photo below) which was hilarious and rather fun!

We also had the “water broke” game, where guests place ice cubes (with frozen jelly babies) in their drinks, and once your cube has melted, you yell out, “My water broke!” – For obvious reasons, Ilhaam was not allowed to partake in this one.

Mommy to be | Photo Cred: Nuhaa Bardien


Diaper Challenge between the parents to be | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


Winning | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien
Baby Showering | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


Pretty Pretty Cake, Courtesy of Cindy-Lee Smith | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


Baby Shoes! | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


My water broke ice cubes | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien


Butterfly Rosettes | Photo Cred: Labeeq Bardien

For anyone throwing a co-ed shower – I would say that this is one the most heart warming and memorable times in the lives of the parents to be and living in the 21st Century, having the father around is great because he gets to be involved and also enjoy the day with mommy-to-be.

Have you thrown a co-ed baby shower? What was your experience like?

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