One door closes…

Hello lovelies! So if you follow me on Instagram – you probably would have seen my story regarding blogging and where I stand right now.

If not… Frocking Cotton was started in 2010 (when I was in Matric and looking for a creative outlet and stress reliever) – this was when it was still known as Pretty Young Things.

Since then, it has been a place for style and fashion, events, home and interior design as well as makeup, beauty and skincare.

I even started incorporating some pregnancy stories recently – because I always try to blog about what is relevant in my life at the time.

With all of this in mind, I feel like it has served it’s purpose over the years and now it is time to start a new chapter.

I still want to use social media to post and discuss my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings… I just think that maintaining a blog is a full time occupation – and I do not have the capacity to do this right now.

I have always blogged for myself first, and the readers came along when they related to my content. I hate the word – blogger – I never fully felt like that’s what I am. I always say to friends and family that I feel like I am someone who has a blog, I never categorised myself as a “blogger”.

Thank you to all the years of support through all of this. Thank you for encouraging me to write when I felt that I had nothing to offer and thank you for being so connected (there are readers I feel I have become dear friends with – although, we have never even met!)

With baby on the way as well – I feel that posting on one platform (Instagram being my choice for my new venture) would be more manageable and I could be consistent (whereas with my blogging, I always felt like I was never writing enough).

This is not goodbye – but the beginning of a new chapter and venture (for me and for you).

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