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Hey my lovelies, so while most people Spring Clean, I tend to purge and tidy up nearly every month – I like everything neat and in it’s place.

So, for those who followed my previous blog, Frocking Cotton, you would know that I did the Wardrobe Architect to determine my capsule wardrobe. While I am still trying to find my ultimate style (it’s always changing, depending on my mood), I have slowly transitioned into more basic outfits, and prefer 1 or 2 items of clothing. Now, as someone who wears Hijab, this can be a difficult task, as you need to cover your arms, wear longer length tops, pants that aren’t too skinny, higher necklines, etc.

This seems impossible with 1 or 2 items of clothing…

I will also always use trusty Pinterest for my inspiration, however I found that there aren’t many modest/hijab capsule wardrobes out there! So I decided to help those out there who are looking to create capsule modest/hijab friendly wardrobes, where 1, 2, maybe 3, items will be an everyday basic.

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I have found that with modestwear, it’s all about dual purpose clothing, like shirts worn as cover-ups (instead of cardigans) and skirts worn as dresses. That way you have more items, without the bulk in your closet.

Modest Traveling Capsule Wardrobe on @ShesIntentional
Modest Fashion on Shes Intentional

Invest in dual items
Another important fact is to invest in items that have the length that you require. So longer length tops, with long sleeves (no more layering a long sleeve top under a sleeveless tunic).

Multiple use clothing items are a win, such as infinity dresses, because they can serve so many purposes and you can adjust them to your specific need at the time.

Wear what you love

Learn to wear and invest in pieces that you love to wear and feel comfortable in. Soon you will figure out which items you grab most days and will lean toward those pieces (or similar) during your shopping trips.

and one of the most important factors I learnt in order to maintain a capsule wardrobe; this is to ensure that your closet is organised.

If you wardrobe looks like a store, you won’t feel the need to buy as much, to spend unnecessarily and to purchase items that you neither need nor want.

Last week I sorted out my wardrobe in terms of my “uniform”. These are outfit formulas that work with your personal style, items that you gravitate towards on a regular basis and pieces that you will wear over and over again.

So, I decided to organise my closet in order of colour (the OCD in me) and uniform. I am now able to grab one hanger, with an entire outfit in one go – my very own ready to wear collection!

Some of my outfits
While I was studying I took a challenge of 10 pieces for 7 days – wearing 10 items from my closet for the week.

This was while I was a student so some looks are more casual than others and not as dressy as the outfits I would wear now.

How do you organise your closet? and do you feel like your’ve determined your own personal style?

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