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Hello lovelies! So I was on the My Citi Bus one day a while back, and I overheard (eavesdropped) this conversation between two young women next to me… They were discussing the one woman’s engagement (coming up the following weekend) and she seemed so stumped for gift ideas for her fiance… Man oh man, it took a lot of willpower to not lean over and start giving her a list of things to do and get!

But then I thought maybe I can help other women (and men) in the same predicament!


While I am not the most traditional Muslim woman (actually very far from it), one of the traditions I wanted to incorporate in our engagement/wedding period was the gift giving.

Labeeq and I decided that we would narrow the gifts down into categories, and then that would be our baseline for choosing the gifts for one another.

For men you can opt for:
– Toiletry/ cologne gift, perhaps with an old timey shaving kit or beard kit
– What I like to call the “muslim gift” consisting of a Quran, Beautiful Thobe (my dad chose the items for this gift and Labeeq wore the thobe for our Nikaah), Prayer Mat (or Musallah ), a Tasbeeh and a few Islamic books about husbands and marriage in Islam


– The clothing gift – which could be anything from jeans and a shirt, to sneakers – I opted for a winter coat for Labeeq
– An edible gift, which is always a win. Khalida gifted this on behalf of me in the form of  Indian sweetmeats
– Something fun and personal – I gifted Labeeq with an art set, which included a sketchpad, oil pastels and sketching pencils. My sister, Ilhaam, also designed and painted a message that I wrote for Labeeq on a canvas which is now hanging in our study nook 🙂


For women some gifts could include:
– Perfume set – women be loving smelling good
– A makeup kit – be sure to include brushes, lipsticks and/or nailpolish that she’s been lusting after
– Muslim Gift – Think floaty bead kaftan abayas, a Musallah, pretty glass bead tasbeeh, Quran with a holder and Women around the Prophet (S.A.W) book
– Nikkah dress – some couples opt for this, whereby the groom to be gifts his bride to be with her outfit for their Nikaah. This could be a a traditional Indian Sari or Lengha, or a custom made dress
– Something personal – Labeeq knows I have a love for sweets so I got a giant jar of Jelly tots (my favourites)

Remember to have fun and also keep in mind the other parties likes, dislikes and interests.

For someone like myself, I maintain a minimalist wardrobe, so buying a ton of clothes wouldn’t be ideal.

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