Fancy Florals

Happy Sunday Lovelies! For some, either your or your family is partaking in the Cycle Tour – I hope it goes well (my dad is doing the race today for the 08th time! All the best!)

With the lovely we weather we have been receiving, I have been taking advantage of all my summery and spring clothes before I have to start layering again.

I recently starting buying items from Mr Price again – I have always found some of their shoes to be quite good quality, and it has seen me through three years at College, so it’s a really great buy.

Other items I have gotten are maxi and t-shirt style dresses, layering tops (long sleeved, turtle necks) as well as really comfy soft pants.

Fancy Florals

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Makeup Favourites – February

After I got the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife as well as the Contour and Concealing Match Stix, Rihanna dropped the Galaxy Inspired Christmas Collection and has since released the Stunna Lip Paint and the Matemoiselle lipstick boasting 14 shades of matte lipsticks.

You could say I have serious FOMO –  I can’t be buying all the things!!!

I decided to recreate my favourite shades using Swiitch beauty’s Holy Grail Flash Case – because I really really wanted Wasabi green lips! Like who doesn’t though when these models and Insta Influencers are looking so boss!

Makeup Favourites - February

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Makeup Favourites – December/January

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all having a wonderful week and are weekend ready! I know I am.

For those who don’t know me – I love nailpolish! Always have, from the moment my mom bought me my first purple, glittery Tinkerbell peel off polish (that’s quite a mouthful, say that 10 times fast haha) I was hooked.

I was brought up in an Islamic household, my parents taught me right from wrong however, they knew that there is a difference between Haraam (forbidden) and Makroo (disliked) – and they ensured that we knew the which was which.

So when it came to nailpolish and I had not reached puberty, my parents would let me wear it and would even buy it for me (in the most ridiculous and brightest colours you can imagine) – my paternal grandmother (may Allah grant her Janatul-Firdows) was not too pleased about this.

Since I became of age I would only wear it during that time of the month (as I can’t pray). The reason for nailpolish being makroo is because of the ablution we perform before our prayers, and one of the requirements is that the water must reach the base of the nailbed (which cannot be done with nailpolish as it it not porous).

I still get comments constantly (woman in full on scarf with bright red nails! The shame!) but anyway this post is about my favourite neutral/nude polishes.

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Modest Beachwear

Back to the grind this week! I am at work again and slowly getting used to the fact that I can no longer sleep until 10h00 everyday and binge watch Brooklyn 99 (you guys! It is the best! Go watch it now!)

I had a pretty restful period off, and over the last weekend, Labeeq and I joined his parents and siblings in Arniston for camping and tanning.

This meant getting to wear my new swimsuit from Designer Warehouse with my take on modest beachwear.

I have been looking for a comfortable, yet flattering beach look for a few years now and after a wonderful chat with Sahra Heuwel (check out her amazing photographs and outfits here) as well as some inspiration from the amazing and beautiful Nabilah Kariem , I finally found something that

I am not going to get into Islamic dress, hijab or the awrah (عورة) here, I just did what was comfortable for me and what I would deem suitable and appropriate to wear in public.

See my outfit post below – and if you have any suggestions or tips & tricks that have worked for you, let me know in the comments!

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Year in Review: 2017

Hello lovelies! 2018 looks to be off to a great start already, as it is raining today here in Cape Town (for those who may not know, we are currently experiencing a drought with severe water restrictions in place.)

2017 was quite the year for us, we purchased our first home (see series here) and this has been such an amazing experience thus far.

See my favourite looks from this year below – thank you for another year of support. We are hoping that 2018 brings many new projects and content just for you!

Here is to 2018 being even better than 2017 and to all my readers – a Happy New Year!

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How I deal with stress

Work work work work work work… It’s getting to the end of the year (I cannot believe that it’s almost 2018!) and my body, brain and soul are at the point where they need a break.

Stress and Shoes

This year has really been one for the books (in terms of my career) and at times it has been overwhelming and high pressured, however, these are a few things that kept me going throughout (in no particular order mind you):

  1. Waking up earlier to get more done so I don’t have to rush
  2. Try to prepare as much as possible the night before
  3. Let go of unnecessary drama (you don’t need that toxicity in your life)
  4. Exercise – this has been an on and off things for me but I am taking it day by day
  5. Eating better – less junk, more wholesome goodness
  6. Taking time to enjoy a cup of tea (I L O V E tea so when I have my cup of the day, I like to just sit and relax and really enjoy it
  7. Watch something funny (a 20 minute Modern Family episode always makes me laugh)
  8. Sleep early (anyone who knows me knows that I am in bed at like21h00)
  9. Vitamins – this has been saving me lately!
  10. Yoga (which is in line with number 4 but I felt like it needed it’s own point)
  11. Dance Dance Dance – sometimes you gotta blast the music and just shake it off
  12. Prayer – of course
  13. Treat yo self! To a massage or little spa treatment because you deserve it
  14. Read – I have been getting back into this – never knew how much I missed it
  15. Take it a day at a time

How do you deal with the stress when it gets too much?

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