Working in Hospitality (when I studied Event Management)

Hi Lovelies!!! Hope your year is off to a great start (for me – 2017 is the year!)

So, for those who may not know, I am a Banqueting Coordinator in a Hotel by profession – however, I actually studied Event Management.

Let’s rewind to two years ago…

I was in my third and final year at Prestige Academy, studying Event Management.

To complete the year, we were required to log a certain number of hours (I cannot for the life of me remember how many) as an intern at a company, in order to gain experience in the industry.

I had gotten my internship at Southern Sun The Cullinan and worked there for about two months.

This was my first real insight into the world of hospitality… And boy was I surprised!

It’s not so much that I was not prepared for it – I was willing to grab and learn as much as I possibly could – it was more so in the fact that what you learn on paper, is not exactly what you learn in the real world.

Spring Ball 2012 - Prestige Academy

1. People and scenarios are not like the text books

It’s quite easy to say that, “oh this is the scenario, this is how we should go about solving it.” Every situation is different and clients are not cut from the same cloth.

It’s all about learning from your mistakes and working with an amazing team (like the one I currently work with – they could make gold our of thin air).

2.  People will expect you to mess up

Because I studied Event Management, and not a hospitality course at the Hotel School, it seemed like people wanted me to mess up.

While conferencing and events are definitely my forte, I have learnt to step out of my comfort zone and work on what I would say is my weaknesses (i.e. accommodation and reservations – as this is not something I studied, let alone knew anything about).

I have made mistakes, I have messed up, but you know what? I have come out stronger, more confident and more comfortable with the areas that once scared the living daylights out of me.

3. It’s not all about flower arranging and sequined table linen

When you study events, you focus on the areas you’d like to specialise in (like weddings, as it was for me).

In reality — I have worked on one wedding since I started in the industry (and I wasn’t even on duty when it happened!)

Ideas, aspirations and passions change as you go along.

One thing to keep in mind and remember is… be genuine, don’t sell yourself short and work hard for what you want to achieve.

Spring Ball 2012 - Prestige Academy

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