Review: Benefit’s High Beam Highlighter

Hello Hello Lovelies! Hope you have been well.

So, for my birthday I received the Benefit High Beam Highlighter as a gift (thanks KP!)

It has been the best!!! Read more for my review on the highlighter.

Benefit High Beam Highlighter (with Swiitch Beauty Brush)
Known as the “Supermodel in a bottle”, the Highlighter comes in two sizes, a mini bottle of approximately 2.5 g and the full bottle of 13 ml.

The larger bottle (seen below) is designed to imitate a nail-polish tube (for anyone that knows me, you know I love my nail-polishes!).

The liquid is a satiny/shimmery pink liquid (that suits all skin tones).

I have two ways of applying it;

  1. Mixing it with my moisturiser for an all-over glow
  2. Dotting and blending it along my cheekbones, brow bones and nose to highlight those areas and create that ultimate *shine*
  3. With the blending – you can use a brush or your fingertips. I found that the best method is using your fingertip as the heat helps blend it into your skin and leaves a natural looking glow.

One of the best things about this product is that it lasts! W H O L E day!

I love that after hours I still have that dewy fresh glow.

Benefit High Beam Highlighter
Straight after applying the highlighter

Benefit High Beam Highlighter
Benefit High Beam Highlighter

Benefit High Beam Highlighter

Benefit High Beam

Benefit High Beam
I don’t think the lighting did it justice, but is looked amazing in the store (I kinda kept checking myself out in every mirror I walked past haha!)

Benefit High Beam
Definitely deserves 5 hearts!!!


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