Frocking Cotton: Rebranded

Hello Hello Lovelies! I hope you have been well… So, you’re probably wondering, “hey, why is this girl back on this blog? Did she not start a new blog recently?” Well then, this is true, but here are the facts…

So, Frocking Cotton was established in 2010 (back then known as Pretty Young Things) as a means of expressing my love for fashion, writing, books and animals.

I then rebranded about two years ago as Frocking Cotton, but with the same content. I felt that whilst I was passionate about the topics, it didn’t cover my love for events and my dreams and aspirations to become an event planner specialising in weddings.

This is when (within this year) I decided to start Everyday Dreaming. I wanted a space to write about and focus on events, with my personal interests as an aside. Initially, the idea was to have two blogs; Frocking Cotton and Everyday Dreaming, but, the time and maintenance proved to be too strenuous.

At this point, I still felt unfulfilled, like I wasn’t as passionate about blogging as I once was.

This leaves us here today…

I have now reinstated Frocking Cotton as my sole blog, however, with a twist on the content.

What can you expect from Frocking Cotton now?

You will find content relating to beauty and style, as well as topics about events, tips and tricks, DIY projects and what I have learnt about being in the industry.

Would you suggest running two blogs to anyone?

If you are someone who has two different topics, e.g. IT and Food, then you would probably have two different readerships and dynamics in terms of followers.

Having two blogs would work logistically whereas with myself, I have followers and readers interested in both topics (as they aren’t too far off from one another) and having one blog with the readership I have allows me to mix my professional and personal interests.

What does Frocking Cotton mean to you?

It is my creative outlet, my place of thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

I want it to be about quality products and services, what I stand for in my own life, as well as remaining authentic as I grow.

I appreciate the followers who have stood by my side, even as I try to find myself in this ever growing and crazingly (is that a word?) saturated industry.

Love always


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Engagement Gift Ideas

Hello lovelies! So I was on the My Citi Bus one day a while back, and I overheard (eavesdropped) this conversation between two young women next to me… They were discussing the one woman’s engagement (coming up the following weekend) and she seemed so stumped for gift ideas for her fiance… Man oh man, it took a lot of willpower to not lean over and start giving her a list of things to do and get!

But then I thought maybe I can help other women (and men) in the same predicament!


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Modest Capsule Wardrobe

Hey my lovelies, so while most people Spring Clean, I tend to purge and tidy up nearly every month – I like everything neat and in it’s place.

So, for those who followed my previous blog, Frocking Cotton, you would know that I did the Wardrobe Architect to determine my capsule wardrobe. While I am still trying to find my ultimate style (it’s always changing, depending on my mood), I have slowly transitioned into more basic outfits, and prefer 1 or 2 items of clothing. Now, as someone who wears Hijab, this can be a difficult task, as you need to cover your arms, wear longer length tops, pants that aren’t too skinny, higher necklines, etc.

This seems impossible with 1 or 2 items of clothing…

I will also always use trusty Pinterest for my inspiration, however I found that there aren’t many modest/hijab capsule wardrobes out there! So I decided to help those out there who are looking to create capsule modest/hijab friendly wardrobes, where 1, 2, maybe 3, items will be an everyday basic.

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Hijab Fashion Week SA

Hello Hello my lovelies! Hope you have been well and keeping warm, now that winter is upon us!

This past Sunday, I had the honour of attending my 3rd consecutive Hijab Fashion Week SA show (run by Abashiya Achilles of Fabulous in Hijab).


Now the Hijab Fashion Week is held to showcase local Hijabi and Modestwear designers clothing lines, whilst spreading the word about Hijab, modest dressing and encouraging women to embrace their style while still remaining classically covered.

Held at the beautiful Nico Malan Hall in Observatory, with its beautiful tall windows and tons of natural light, this was a perfect venue for a Sunday morning session.



The show was hosted by Abashiya’s older Sister, Gadija Khan of the GKD label.


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Home: Grey Bedroom Inspiration

Hello Hello! Hope you are all well! This Cape Town weather sure has me confused O.o It’s like storming one day and then humidity all the next day – like whaaaaaat???

So one of my favourite home inspirations so far has been the grey bedroom…

I love neutral colours in general, but I feel like your bedroom is your sanctuary, your happy place – so the colours and surroundings should be happy and warm.

Our room is fairly small at the moment (although that could also be due to the fact that we have a massive Queen Size bed in the middle of it) but I love the fact that everything I need is in there and nothing more.

We are also utilising clothing rails instead of cupboards, and I am slowly but surely replacing all my old hangers with really nice wooden ones (these are much more appealing to the eye, especially with an open plan room and cupboards.)

Here are my favourite grey bedroom inspirational looks (although, to be honest, my bedroom is not this tidy).
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Home: Green Kitchen Inspiration

Hello hello lovelies! Hope you have been keeping well (and warm as the weather gets chillier here in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Today’s topic is that of green kitchens… now, I am not one for bright colours (especially in the home department) but I can across so many lovely ideas for dark green kitchens, that I just could not resist!!!

So my husband and I moved into our new (temporary) home – and although most homeowners won’t allow you to paint if you are renting, my lovely landlady has allowed us to do just that (can you see the wheels turning in my brain???)

I fell in L O V E with dark green kitchen ideas – It was something different and really striking.

I will be posting photos of each room – and the inspiration thereof – along with tips and tricks for making a small space appear larger.

I love that the dark green mixes perfectly with gold and copper (rose gold) as those are my favourite metals.

Dark Green Cabinets


Jade Green | House and Home


Green and Yellow | Apartment Therapy

What is your favourite colour for a kitchen space?

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Wedding Themes

Hello hello! Happy weekend to all of you!!! Wedding season being in full swing, I thought this would be a good time to draw up wedding theme ideas!

Weddings — One of my most favourite occasions, and the reason I became an Event Manager, it is a time for love and unity. A great place to start? Choosing a wedding theme.

So, with four seasons in a year, you can break it down to Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring weddings… But you don’t have to stop there! You can sub catergorise your theme to suit your style, personality and the season!

Wedding Themes -

Glam Vintage
One my favourite weddings (okay I may be a bit biased as it was the first event I did) – My sister, Ilhaam, and brother, Amir’s, wedding.

The venue itself had natural beauty – with exposed beams, high ceilings and lots of wood details.

The caterers (the lovely Faika of Saff Caterers) did all the decor, draping, fairy lights and floral centrepieces. It was like a magical wonderland with slight vintage details in the tarnished silver centrepieces, cut out glassware and candelabras, adding all kinds of romantic lighting to the happy atmosphere.

To get this look – think lots of florals (in neutral shades such as white and/or pale pinks) with silver or gold details. Light up candles on the tables, add fairy lights and dim the lighting to create that warm feeling.

Fairyland - Photographer | The Dolliehouse

Fairyland | Photo Cred: The Dolliehouse (Rizqah and Reshaan Dollie)

antique silver footed bowl vase wedding centrepiece table decorations
Antique Silver Vase | The Wedding of my Dreams


hanging wedding decorations crystal garland
Candelabras with crystal bead | The Wedding of my Dreams


As you can probably tell – I am very into clean cut and simple designs.

One of the easiest, and the best themes in my opinion, as it lets the couple, their love and the day shine, whilst still keeping within the theme of wedding day.

To achieve this look – ensure crisp linens (tablecloths, napkins) even forgo tablecloths completely, if you have wooden furniture, for a bare and minimalist approach.

Decor should be kept to a minimum, think fresh greenery for the table with some hessian elements (maybe a bunting as seen below?) to add charm.

Clean, White open space and simple banners

Earthy and Natural – this is what comes to mind when you think of rustic themes.

This theme is all about letting the surroundings shine, and not adding too much artificial elements (so think less shiny, more florals).

Baby’s Breath | Modern Wedding


Mr and Mrs Banner

This is all about the ornate, the regal and the sparkle.

For a glam wedding, think location location location. It needs to be magical and unique – a library for instance, has the wow factor.

Details should include candelabras (of great height), Tiffany chairs, chandeliers and lots of florals. Flowers to include are orchids, Lilies and Peonies (with roses of course!)

Library Wedding

What kind of theme would/ did you choose for your wedding?

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