Makeup Favourites – August

Hi! Okay so I know this post is a little late but things have been so hectic with the renovations and just life ya know!

So this post is not exactly a makeup favourite – more a skincare favourite.

My sister and I were researching Korean Skincare, in a nutshell it is a 10-step regime consisting of:
– Oil Cleanser
– Foam Cleanser
– Exfoliator
– Toner
– Essence
– Serums
– Mask
– Eye Cream
– Face Cream
– SPF (for the day)

Which is done twice a day (yes, TWICE!) – so my sister found a sample kit on Wish Trend, called Klairs (link here) with the products we could use and test before buying the real thing.

Read more below about the products and the steps and my overall experience thus far.

Klairs Trial Kit

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Buying a House – Part 5: Renovating

Hi Lovelies! Hope you are well.

Been a while since I’ve written about our home story – to catch you up, it’s been 6 months that we have now been staying in our home, we have the most amazing neighbours (more like parents and always looking out for us two) and settling in has been quite the journey (mind you, we are still living out of boxes!)

Now comes the dreaded renovating part – when we bought the house we knew that we would definitely need to do some work – we have essentially no kitchen and the house is completely bare save for one cupboard in the main bedroom.

With this in mind we knew we could make the space our own and design it in a way that would work for us (rather than work with what the previous owners had left behind – some people do not know how to plan around a space).

Now this is not an easy (or the cheapest task) but we have come up with some awesome tips to make this process just a little bit easier (Read More below!)

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My Style Evolution

Hello Lovelies! A Ramadaan Mubarak to my followers who are celebrating this holy Month. Two days in and it’s going by so quickly!

I was archiving my photos on my PC when I started going through old photographs (and by old I mean from about 2011 onwards) and I can tell that my style has changed, grown and evolved overtime so much so, that I thought I would go through the timeline to find out what looks I still keep today, what I have put to rest and what I would still like to experiment with.

Mind you, I feel like I still haven’t quite adapted to a specific style (as my outfit usually depends on the mood I am in) and I am still pretty much finding myself.

Read more below about my journey thus far.

Starry Gold Hoojab - Amenakin

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Buying a House – Part 4: Inspecting

Hi my lovelies! I am down with the flu at the moment – I think my body is telling me to relax.

I have been stuck in bed watching series (sounds like I am complaining but I am not!) but also I decided to tackle making pickled fish for the long weekend (I hope it is as amazing as it smells).

For Part 4 of the home buying series, I thought I wold discuss our tactic in finding a good area to settle in as well as what we looked for when viewing our home.

Getting to know your neighbourhood
We have been to our fair share of home viewings, but, one of the things Labeeq and I did when we signed an offer to purchase was drive by the house during different times of the day (during the week, day and night as well as over a weekend especially at night).

This gave us an insight into our neighbours, the area, what the schools were like as well as travelling between work and home.

Sounds kind of crazy (and a little bit stalklerish) but it really gives you an insight into the area you will be spending majority of your time (and probably a few years of your life).

Home Inspection
So when viewing the house – we had specific things we would look out for such as, how much light comes in, dampness (very very important in our books) checking the walls and ceilings for mildew and water stains as well as cracking.

One of the great things was having Labeeqs parents and grandparents (who work with heritage sites and construction – and know their way around a building) visit the house and check it out with professional eyes.

As a first time home buyer – it’s not to say that everyone is out to get your money and lie to you but, you probably don’t know what to look for and what questions to ask – this is why we chose to get a second and third opinion from people in our life who know exactly what to keep an eye out for.

Take someone with you who knows what to look for (electrical, plumbing and wood being of highest priority) and make sure that you read the offer to purchase carefully – here you will find what is included, what has been done to the property, what they will leave behind, etc.

Once we decided on the house, and the paperwork was underway – I began my Pinterest boards and research (links here and here). This gave us something we could look at and work towards (as I know, home renovations are not the cheapest or quickest projects).

Having vision boards helps to focus on the plan and work towards a goal.

There are still ideas that I need to change and move around but, it’s great to know that what we want can be done to the home we chose and love.

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AW/17 Capsule

Hi Lovelies! Hope this weather is treating you well – I love colder weather (more layers – as a modest dresser this is super important).

It’s that time of the year where I look through my wardrobe and build a seasonal capsule (if you’ve been following me from the beginning, you will know I have taken on a minimalist style and lifestyle).

Read more below about what I gravitate towards now and how I build my outfits.

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Buying a House – Part 3: The cost of buying a house

Hello lovelies! I am typing this as I sit at our table in our new home! Alhamdulilah!

It has been a process and it has been a journey but, we finally have a place to call home (complete with a garden and amazing neighbours).

We have “settled in” so to speak… and by that I mean we have unpacked what we needed and shoved all the other boxes into the study – I just try not to look at it.

So this post is all about the cost of buying a house…

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