My Style Evolution

Hello Lovelies! A Ramadaan Mubarak to my followers who are celebrating this holy Month. Two days in and it’s going by so quickly!

I was archiving my photos on my PC when I started going through old photographs (and by old I mean from about 2011 onwards) and I can tell that my style has changed, grown and evolved overtime so much so, that I thought I would go through the timeline to find out what looks I still keep today, what I have put to rest and what I would still like to experiment with.

Mind you, I feel like I still haven’t quite adapted to a specific style (as my outfit usually depends on the mood I am in) and I am still pretty much finding myself.

Read more below about my journey thus far.

My love for fashion and style started at a very early age (about 4 according to my mom) – I would insist on dressing myself – and would continue to change my outfit about 5 times in one day!

Starry Gold Hoojab - Amenakin

You would think this would seep into adulthood, which surprisingly it did not (I mean, as a Muslim Bride I only had one dress on my Wedding Day – Come on!)

Blush Wedding Dress
After High School (and that dreaded uniform) I explored my style in many many maaaany ways – from the oh so casual jeans and knitwear look, to maxi skirts and chambray shirts, I did it all.

For about a year I was really obsessed with  tulle skirts:

Spring Ball 2013

The whimsical look of it, the fact that it could be dressed up or down, it was just so versatile and cute. I still own a black tulle skirt which I love and wear on date nights or special occasions (weddings and Eid).

One thing that has been a continuous factor throughout my style journey was comfortability – Which is why my style lately is more athleisure/sport luxe inspired. I am all about that comfortable life.

Winter Whites

Leather and Fur

Relaxed - Boyfriend Jeans and Kimono
But I still love a good dress up day, heels, makeup and bold accessories. Now that it’s winter, booties are my go to heel and they are super comfy and versatile

Blue and Blush

Comfort - Jumpsuit and Blush

One thing is for certain – I really love blush!

Have you noticed any patterns in your style over the years?
Has it remained similar or changed completely?

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