Modest Beachwear

Back to the grind this week! I am at work again and slowly getting used to the fact that I can no longer sleep until 10h00 everyday and binge watch Brooklyn 99 (you guys! It is the best! Go watch it now!)

I had a pretty restful period off, and over the last weekend, Labeeq and I joined his parents and siblings in Arniston for camping and tanning.

This meant getting to wear my new swimsuit from Designer Warehouse with my take on modest beachwear.

I have been looking for a comfortable, yet flattering beach look for a few years now and after a wonderful chat with Sahra Heuwel (check out her amazing photographs and outfits here) as well as some inspiration from the amazing and beautiful Nabilah Kariem , I finally found something that

I am not going to get into Islamic dress, hijab or the awrah (عورة) here, I just did what was comfortable for me and what I would deem suitable and appropriate to wear in public.

See my outfit post below – and if you have any suggestions or tips & tricks that have worked for you, let me know in the comments!

Looking like the Wicked Witch of the Beach

We spent one of the days in Agulhas (where you can stand at the Southernmost tip of Africa) and also swim with Sting Rays! (Definitely going to do this next time.)

The water is the clearest blue ever and warm enough that it doesn’t make your feet numb (yes Clifton, I am looking at you!)

We swam at the harbour in Agulhas but went to Roman Beach in Arniston (which is one of my favourite places to go during the holidays).

This last one was taken in Camp’s Bay – different beach, same vibe.

Outfit Details:
Hat: Milnerton Fleamarket
Beach cover-up dress: Truworth’s (they currently have a stone colour one)
Sleeved Swimsuit: Designer Warehouse
Tights: Leggings (I got these at Edgar’s)
Swim Skirt: Truworth’s (I got these because I have an obsession with 50s fashion)

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