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Hello! I know, I know – I was meant to post this a while back but work it seemed got the better of me.

So here it is… We had to DIY a lot for the space to make it comfortable, but, for the two of us, it’s just perfect!


I stole these wooden cubes from my MIL – perfect for the space that has no (or very little) cupboard space. I do love the open shelves idea (everything stays neat and tidy!)


This beautiful gold trimmed crockery set was my grandmothers, handed down to my mother and then to me. Lucky us – it only consists of enough crockery for two (dining in, anyone?)

As we are also lacking counter space, I made sure to utilise (but not clutter) what is known as “dead space” such as above the cabinets and above the fridge (see image further below).

Bardien Kitchen

Bardien Kitchen - Coffee Capsules

Our tiny oven! As there was none installed, we thought we’d make use of this (to save money, time and space!) It’s super cute and perfect for the two of us.


My wooden spoon has taken a beating with all the tumeric this past year…


I loved the idea of painted cabinets, it really makes the pieces pop!


My favourite book clock (wedding gift) and bunny salt and pepper shakers… to be honest, I think that’s used more as a decoration than it is functional.


We replaced the plastic handles with stainless steel ones… More sleek and adds to the mini refurb.


Another view…


It’s tiny, but it’s home… and we both don’t take up too much space anyway 😛 Minimalist movement for the win!!!

I love that we only have to keep necessities – so no clutter and no waste.

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