Ilhaam’s Sustainable Closet: Lessons Learnt

Onto to our last post for this series, Ilhaam will be going through with a focus on trial and error.

Read more below to get an insight into her journey, how we got here and what tips and tricks you can use if you’re starting (or would like to start) a capsule wardrobe.

Also go ahead and wish her a very Happy Birthday!!! Yay!



So this is the final post in the series. I thought it would be a good idea to wrap it up with some feedback on developing and implementing my capsule wardrobe, particularly some of the challenges I faced and how I dealt with them.

On the process of curating the capsule wardrobe, I found it to be extremely useful. It provided me with some great insights that I think will benefit me going forward. I would even recommend you work through the step-by-step process if you’re not looking to develop a capsule wardrobe. It’s a great way to declutter or streamline your wardrobe and ultimately get more out of your clothes.

The one challenge I faced was the actual implementation of the capsule wardrobe. It wasn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be and I soon realised that the work didn’t end at curating it. For the first week or so I definitely didn’t use it effectively and efficiently. On any given day my mornings tend to be a bit rushed if I want to get out before it really heats up and I always think I’ll have more time to pick out an outfit than I really do! Assuming I wear every item at least once I should be going through my entire wardrobe in just over a week. I have to admit, even though I selected each and every item because I love it and I even had potential outfits in mind, I kept putting off wearing some of them because they weren’t what I was used to wearing on a day-to-day basis.

I decided to take a moment at the start of every week to lay out my outfits for the week ahead, Sunday afternoons work best for me. I tried to use everything in my wardrobe and take into account the types of activities I’d be doing and the weather of course. The first week was quite interesting with our parents visiting, so a lot of sightseeing planned in addition to the usual activities, plus a dinner date with friends and a coffee date with my guy. Just looking at the outfits laid out I was already quite happy with myself and it was really fun to do! Come Day 4 and I was wondering why I didn’t do it sooner! Well, I know the answer to that, before planning my outfits for an entire week seemed quite a daunting task. Having a smaller, curated wardrobe made the process a whole lot easier. I wasn’t super strict about which outfits I’d wear on what days just because plans change and my mood does as well, but I still liked that I had several options laid out in front of me, ironed and ready to go!

Through my attempts to wear everything, I also realised which items weren’t getting any wear and also what other items I needed that I had previously overlooked. Otherwise I’m extremely satisfied with how it turned out, particularly because I’ve been able to overhaul my style without compromising my values on sustainability. It’s actually been really fun coming up with new ways to style each item!

Finally, something else I’ve taken away from this experience and something to remember if you’re planning on doing the same is don’t be too hard on yourself. I think it’s easy to be deterred by the way the lifestyle is depicted on social media and to feel like you’re not doing things fast enough. There are some amazing green subscription boxes and similar services to help fast track your journey to a more sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle. Personally, I find the slow and steady changes or tweaks are the ones that stick for me. So take your time to transition. Taking even a few steps towards a minimalist wardrobe will help you become more mindful in your consumption, which benefits not only you and your wallet, but also the environment and people in it.

Good luck!

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