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Hello! So I finally have a kitchen (eeeeeek!!!!) A real, live, working kitchen (you cannot even begin to understand my excitement – everything is so amazing and in it’s place.

But I will let the photos speak for themselves… Read more below

Kitchen Renovation - Final Product


Kitchen Renovation - Before (First Viewing)
Kitchen Renovation - Before (First Viewing)
So this was when we first viewed the house – as you can see – the kitchen was completely empty, save for this tiny cabinet/kitchen sink combo (horrible! Labeeq made me promise that when we did the kitchen renovations, we would get a double sink, even if it took up the entire kitchen space haha).

I loved the fact that the kitchen was empty, it just meant that we wouldn’t have to work with someone else’s furniture and tastes, and we could basically start from scratch.

Moving In and Starting Renovations
Kitchen Renovation - Moving In
Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovations
Sorry for the horrible photos, I actually took these with my phone and never got a good photo while we were moving in and unpacking.

This is basically the setup we lived with for the past 6 months, teeny tiny mini kitchen for cooking, microwave, fridge and weird small sink.

It was both fun and sometimes frustrating (because everything was out in the open, Tahlia would try to grab all the glass things and smash them) but fun because nothing was perfect and we had to live in chaos.

Kitchen Renovations - Renovating Progress

Kitchen Renovations - Renovating Progress
Kitchen Renovations - Renovating Progress
So the idea of the kitchen cabinets was mine (finding it and buying it from someone who ripped it out of their own kitchen) the dry wall was my father-in-laws idea and the best idea of the entire process!

As you walk into the house, it’s an open plan space and you could see straight into the two bedrooms (therefore no privacy) – he then suggested adding a dry wall to give us that privacy as well as increasing the kitchen space (the kitchen cabinets had more components than the space we had available) and also creating a scullery section on the other end (that is another post for another day).

Surprisingly it has really opened up the space and made it seem even larger than it did when it was an open plan.

Final Result and Finished Look
Kitchen Renovation - End Result
Kitchen Renovation - End Result
Kitchen Renovations - Final S   Kitchen Renovation - Final Product
I have no words – it’s just too beautiful!

Labeeq chose the grey (which is basically the colour of every room in the house now – it’s just stunning and neutral).

Also some faux marble tiles! Dream and #Goals!!!!!

I decided on the coffee/tea bar as the entrance piece because yes!

Overall, this was such an beautiful transformation that I just want to sit on the kitchen floor all day and stare at it.

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