CT Meetup 2018 and Blogging Journey

Hello lovelies! Been a while, but I thought I would pop in as I attended my first blogger meet-up on Saturday, hosted by the lovely Zayaan (of Surviving the Madness) and Robyn (Uphill Writer).

I was quite nervous attending this event – not knowing what to expect, never having met majority of the women before – just being altogether out of my comfort zone.

So glad that I attended – it was such an amazing experience and I have taken away so much from the short, albeit wonderful, time with these incredible women.

We had Maz Halliday from Caffeine and Fairydust giving us some insight into her blogging journey and how she went against the “norm” and what was expected of her versus creating a brand all her own (and definitely worth following!).

The second guest speaker was Ayesha Abrahams of A Squared PR and Communications, she had some wise words with regard to your presence on social media, how you appear to brands as well as approaching brands that would be a perfect fit for you and your brand.

Overall, both Maz and Ayesha had one thing in common to say – do it for the right reasons and you will reap the benefits. If you are in it to share you story, give advice and share your experiences with others, it will only show in your work.

I also found that whether you have 500 followers or 100 000 – at the end of the day, all the women in the room had experienced the same things.

Going through droughts when it came to writing or posting, not posting everyday, etc. It made me feel so connected to this group and everything I have been thinking and feeling lately is something that’s quite common and made me feel so much better in terms of not posting all the time – especially when you feel like you have writers block and the words are not coming.

Wonderful day, amazing group, scrumptious food and also topnotch goodie bag! I thank the organisers for the stunning event they put together and am so excited and inspired for my blogging journey going forward!

Customised (Non Alcoholic) bubbly! Courtesy of Netflorist


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