Ilhaam’s Sustainable Closet: Lessons Learnt

Onto to our last post for this series, Ilhaam will be going through with a focus on trial and error.

Read more below to get an insight into her journey, how we got here and what tips and tricks you can use if you’re starting (or would like to start) a capsule wardrobe.

Also go ahead and wish her a very Happy Birthday!!! Yay!

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Transitional Wardrobe

With Winter in full swing- it’s all about coats, boots and warm jerseys.

But what about that period in between?

As you may know from my previous posts, I have a capsule wardrobe – this is a “mini wardrobe” so to speak, of items you love to wear, bought consciously/purposefully and generally really great quality.

While many stick to numbers, like the 37 piece seasonal wardrobe of Caroline Rector of Unfancy or the Project 333, I have decided to forgo this, as it can be quite limiting, and have stuck to having a mindful closet, with good quality pieces and easy to assemble outfits (I tend to mix both summer and winter pieces because of the weather in this city and I have the space to store all my clothing to be accessible at all times).

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Ilhaam’s Closet: Building your capsule wardrobe to fit your lifestyle

So if you are following my latest series, I have asked my sister, Ilhaam, to give us some insight into her capsule wardrobe and her take on sustainability.

Read more below on how you can build you capsule wardrobe to fit your needs and lifestyle- and if you have not had a look at the first post, here you go

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Sustainable Closets: Ilhaam

Sustainable Closets and Slow Fashion – you may have heard these terms around (especially of late, given the impact we have had on the environment, one the major impacts being fast fashion).

Some of you may be wondering if slow fashion is just a trend, is it really for you and how do you go about changing your shopping habits and wardrobe to accommodate this lifestyle change.

I decided to talk to my sister, Ilhaam, about her current experience with capsule wardrobes and the world of sustainable fashion.

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Fancy Florals

Happy Sunday Lovelies! For some, either your or your family is partaking in the Cycle Tour – I hope it goes well (my dad is doing the race today for the 08th time! All the best!)

With the lovely we weather we have been receiving, I have been taking advantage of all my summery and spring clothes before I have to start layering again.

I recently starting buying items from Mr Price again – I have always found some of their shoes to be quite good quality, and it has seen me through three years at College, so it’s a really great buy.

Other items I have gotten are maxi and t-shirt style dresses, layering tops (long sleeved, turtle necks) as well as really comfy soft pants.

Fancy Florals

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Modest Beachwear

Back to the grind this week! I am at work again and slowly getting used to the fact that I can no longer sleep until 10h00 everyday and binge watch Brooklyn 99 (you guys! It is the best! Go watch it now!)

I had a pretty restful period off, and over the last weekend, Labeeq and I joined his parents and siblings in Arniston for camping and tanning.

This meant getting to wear my new swimsuit from Designer Warehouse with my take on modest beachwear.

I have been looking for a comfortable, yet flattering beach look for a few years now and after a wonderful chat with Sahra Heuwel (check out her amazing photographs and outfits here) as well as some inspiration from the amazing and beautiful Nabilah Kariem , I finally found something that

I am not going to get into Islamic dress, hijab or the awrah (عورة) here, I just did what was comfortable for me and what I would deem suitable and appropriate to wear in public.

See my outfit post below – and if you have any suggestions or tips & tricks that have worked for you, let me know in the comments!

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Look Post – Black and Taupe

Hi Lovelies! So summer is nearly here – I am really going to miss sweater and boots kinda weather but am so excited for sandals and skirts!

I don’t wear heels much anymore, I have taken a real liking to sneakers, but when I feel like dressing up I dust off a pair of my all but three pairs of heels.

See my outfit and the details below (click on read more).

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