Buying a House – Part 5: Renovating

Hi Lovelies! Hope you are well.

Been a while since I’ve written about our home story – to catch you up, it’s been 6 months that we have now been staying in our home, we have the most amazing neighbours (more like parents and always looking out for us two) and settling in has been quite the journey (mind you, we are still living out of boxes!)

Now comes the dreaded renovating part – when we bought the house we knew that we would definitely need to do some work – we have essentially no kitchen and the house is completely bare save for one cupboard in the main bedroom.

With this in mind we knew we could make the space our own and design it in a way that would work for us (rather than work with what the previous owners had left behind – some people do not know how to plan around a space).

Now this is not an easy (or the cheapest task) but we have come up with some awesome tips to make this process just a little bit easier (Read More below!)

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Home Design Inspiration – Master Bedroom

Hello Hello Hello!!!! So only two more weeks until the big move and Labeeq and I are dreaming up all our lovely design ideas for the house.

I have basically l i v e d on Pinterest these past few months. All the ideas!!! Eeeeek!

So I have just chosen some of my favourite ideas below – We both like lighter colours and more open spaces.

I really love minimal pieces and spaces (whereas Labeeq loves to fill up any space he can find – but he is trying haha).

Side Table - Minimal
We were thinking of having minimal bedside tables – to reduce clutter.

An accent wall to make the room pop.

Accent Wall

Copper Lamp
Loving them copper finishes! My brother is going to make these bedside lamps for us.

Kitten on bed

Bedside with Legs

Hanging Lamp

Plush Bedding
I am in love with plush bedding and many many maaaaany pillows! I just want to dive into my bed and never come out again.

Low Bed

Drawers Under Bed
Because the space is small, we need functional furniture — which is where under bed storage comes in. I like pieces that are multi-functional (like the desk we have is also a bookshelf.

Open Shelving and Hanging Space
Because I have come accustomed to having an open closet per se (in the form of rails), I love the idea of an open wardrobe. It ensures that all your clothes are always neat and tidy and also – it just looks so pretty — like a store (which means less buying!)

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