Makeup Favourites – February

After I got the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife as well as the Contour and Concealing Match Stix, Rihanna dropped the Galaxy Inspired Christmas Collection and has since released the Stunna Lip Paint and the Matemoiselle lipstick boasting 14 shades of matte lipsticks.

You could say I have serious FOMO –  I can’t be buying all the things!!!

I decided to recreate my favourite shades using Swiitch beauty’s Holy Grail Flash Case – because I really really wanted Wasabi green lips! Like who doesn’t though when these models and Insta Influencers are looking so boss!

Makeup Favourites - February

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Makeup Favourites – December/January

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all having a wonderful week and are weekend ready! I know I am.

For those who don’t know me – I love nailpolish! Always have, from the moment my mom bought me my first purple, glittery Tinkerbell peel off polish (that’s quite a mouthful, say that 10 times fast haha) I was hooked.

I was brought up in an Islamic household, my parents taught me right from wrong however, they knew that there is a difference between Haraam (forbidden) and Makroo (disliked) – and they ensured that we knew the which was which.

So when it came to nailpolish and I had not reached puberty, my parents would let me wear it and would even buy it for me (in the most ridiculous and brightest colours you can imagine) – my paternal grandmother (may Allah grant her Janatul-Firdows) was not too pleased about this.

Since I became of age I would only wear it during that time of the month (as I can’t pray). The reason for nailpolish being makroo is because of the ablution we perform before our prayers, and one of the requirements is that the water must reach the base of the nailbed (which cannot be done with nailpolish as it it not porous).

I still get comments constantly (woman in full on scarf with bright red nails! The shame!) but anyway this post is about my favourite neutral/nude polishes.

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Makeup Favourites – September

Happy Sunday Lovelies! I will get straight into it…

Fenty Beauty – for those who have been living under a rock, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has released her very own makeup line, this collection specifically focused on glowing skin and diversity.

The collection includes Match Stix (concealers, highlighters and contour sticks), Killawatt (Highlighters), Brushes, Blotting Paper, Setting Powder, Primer and last but most certainly not least, 40 shades of foundations.

Catering to the needs of women of all colours, I have watched reviews of users who have found their perfect foundation in both the lightest and the darkest shades (and it’s all the kinds of happiness you can think of).

As I just purchased a foundation from Elizabeth Arden (and also I was not going to physically be there to test out the products) – I stuck to the products that didn’t require a shade match – other than the match stix (which, by the way, is a perfect match! And this is all because I held my forearm up to my computer screen haha).

See my review of the products below.

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Makeup Favourites – August

Hi! Okay so I know this post is a little late but things have been so hectic with the renovations and just life ya know!

So this post is not exactly a makeup favourite – more a skincare favourite.

My sister and I were researching Korean Skincare, in a nutshell it is a 10-step regime consisting of:
– Oil Cleanser
– Foam Cleanser
– Exfoliator
– Toner
– Essence
– Serums
– Mask
– Eye Cream
– Face Cream
– SPF (for the day)

Which is done twice a day (yes, TWICE!) – so my sister found a sample kit on Wish Trend, called Klairs (link here) with the products we could use and test before buying the real thing.

Read more below about the products and the steps and my overall experience thus far.

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Frocking Cotton: Rebranded

Hello Hello Lovelies! I hope you have been well… So, you’re probably wondering, “hey, why is this girl back on this blog? Did she not start a new blog recently?” Well then, this is true, but here are the facts…

So, Frocking Cotton was established in 2010 (back then known as Pretty Young Things) as a means of expressing my love for fashion, writing, books and animals.

I then rebranded about two years ago as Frocking Cotton, but with the same content. I felt that whilst I was passionate about the topics, it didn’t cover my love for events and my dreams and aspirations to become an event planner specialising in weddings.

This is when (within this year) I decided to start Everyday Dreaming. I wanted a space to write about and focus on events, with my personal interests as an aside. Initially, the idea was to have two blogs; Frocking Cotton and Everyday Dreaming, but, the time and maintenance proved to be too strenuous.

At this point, I still felt unfulfilled, like I wasn’t as passionate about blogging as I once was.

This leaves us here today…

I have now reinstated Frocking Cotton as my sole blog, however, with a twist on the content.

What can you expect from Frocking Cotton now?

You will find content relating to beauty and style, as well as topics about events, tips and tricks, DIY projects and what I have learnt about being in the industry.

Would you suggest running two blogs to anyone?

If you are someone who has two different topics, e.g. IT and Food, then you would probably have two different readerships and dynamics in terms of followers.

Having two blogs would work logistically whereas with myself, I have followers and readers interested in both topics (as they aren’t too far off from one another) and having one blog with the readership I have allows me to mix my professional and personal interests.

What does Frocking Cotton mean to you?

It is my creative outlet, my place of thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

I want it to be about quality products and services, what I stand for in my own life, as well as remaining authentic as I grow.

I appreciate the followers who have stood by my side, even as I try to find myself in this ever growing and crazingly (is that a word?) saturated industry.

Love always


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