Buying a House – Part 5: Renovating

Hi Lovelies! Hope you are well.

Been a while since I’ve written about our home story – to catch you up, it’s been 6 months that we have now been staying in our home, we have the most amazing neighbours (more like parents and always looking out for us two) and settling in has been quite the journey (mind you, we are still living out of boxes!)

Now comes the dreaded renovating part – when we bought the house we knew that we would definitely need to do some work – we have essentially no kitchen and the house is completely bare save for one cupboard in the main bedroom.

With this in mind we knew we could make the space our own and design it in a way that would work for us (rather than work with what the previous owners had left behind – some people do not know how to plan around a space).

Now this is not an easy (or the cheapest task) but we have come up with some awesome tips to make this process just a little bit easier (Read More below!)

1. Invest only in what you plan to keep
When we moved in, Labeeq and I knew that this is not our “Forever Home” and that spending hundreds or thousands of Rands on say, Marble countertops, is probably ridiculous and not really smart on our part.

We want our home to be comfortable, convenient and look good, but we don’t mind putting a little extra into the decor (which can always move around with us) rather than investing in what we will leave behind.

2. Don’t be afraid of second hand items
Renovating can be pricey – as mentioned, we only have one cupboard in our house – so getting quotes was quite frustrating, they just became more expensive as we went on.

This was until we found out about second hand kitchen units – so when someone renovates their kitchen and removes the carcasses and countertops, this can be used to build your own!

We happened upon the perfect kitchen – the exact colour and finishes we wanted, the perfect size! When you put something into the universe, it really does happen! (the seller actually had another buyer and told me that they were sold but with some dua it became ours!) Cannot wait to start with the process and show you all the before and after photos – here are the images of the kitchen units we got from the seller

Second Hand Kitchen Units
Second Hand Kitchen Units
Second Hand Kitchen Units

This is not the solution to all kitchens – however, buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will make – it’s not necessary to then break an arm and a leg to maintain, decorate and renovate it.

Side Note: I guess having a father in law who does this kind of thing helps a little too 😉

I am very excited to show you the process with the kitchen so far (it’s actually nearly done!!!)

3. Plan and Budget room by room
This way you can focus on one task at a time and keep your sanity intact – we really enjoy the search for items, drawing each design per room and also creating mood boards for each space (currently, our mood boards are placed in each room to remind us of the vision we have of the space and also jot down any changes we may have or ideas that may spark during the process).

This is why Pinterest is you friend! Pin per room and envision the space you want to create – that way when you are looking for a specific item, you won’t get sidetracked by all the *shiny* things! (I am obsessed with Pinterest so I often get sidetracked anyway – but when I go into a store I know exactly what I need and I won’t get distracted).

4. Lastly, have fun
Enjoy the process – take it all in and remember that you have worked really hard to get here.

Don’t forget to sit back and savour the moment – you made this happen and it’s only beginning

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  1. I’m getting so much tips from your posts. I’m definitely getting distracted by the shiny things. I have an idea of what I want in my head but once I step into a shop like say typo, the ideas keep getting bigger and bigger because of what I see. I might need to limit my typo visiting until we settled with our place.

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