Buying a House – Part 2: Getting your foot in the door (literally and figuratively)

Hi Lovelies! Eek! So 5 days until D-day (am I ready? No. Am I excited? Heck yes!)

House hunting can be daunting, tiring and disappointing – but it can also be fun.

The previous house we rented in Salt River

Well we have most things packed – Cinnamon is taking it rather well (I have been letting her know that we won’t leave her behind – she seems to understand this as us not abandoning her, however, I will be keeping the windows tightly shut until she has been transported safely… She has run away from us before).

Start by looking at the houses on the market
We started by looking online – we would book viewings with agents (which proved to be exhausting as we had to match the sellers, mine, Labeeq’s and the agents schedules) and have a look at the houses we were interested in.

You need to ensure that the following is taken into consideration:

1. Is it in close proximity to your work? (this was a number 1 priority for Labeeq and I as we both dread travelling into work for hours and hate the idea of traffic.)
2. What are the schools in the area like? (this wasn’t really on the top of our list because, ya know, no kids, and also because we already know which schools we would want to send our kids to and its close to our offices and closer to the grandparents house)
3. Can you afford it? (there are great bond calculators online (check out this one from Property24)

Once you have these answers, make a list of what it is you are looking for in a home.

We were looking for a 2 bedroom house, with room to build in necessary, a garden, carport or garage and close to public transport.

Time to look at your credit
Yes, credit scores are of utmost importance when buying a house (if you are going through a bank for a home loan) – having no debt is sometimes not a good thing.

When we initially started looking, Labeeq basically had no credit score. Since then, he opened up a clothing account (nothing too fancy, just to buy an item every month, and ensure it was paid off on time every single month) – it took about 4 months before his credit score shot up and we were then viable candidates for a home loan.

Banks like to know that you can make debt but are also able to pay it off timelessly.

Don’t be in a rush
We decided when we got married that we would not be able to afford a house in the area we wanted and decided to rent until we could.

Most people told us that we shouldn’t rent and that we would be paying off someone else’s bond.

We decided not to listen to that — We wanted our own space (and not stay with either of our parents) and I saw it as helping our landlady supplement her income, rather than paying off her bond.

We enjoyed living on our own, having our own house rules and being able to take our time in finding our future home.

What are your experiences with finding your first home? Would you rent before buying?

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