Married to my person, Labeeq, where we live in Cape Town with our fur baby, Cinnamon (and soon to be real baby boy! ETA: November 2018!)

Labeeq loves to game (best known as Cr4kens) and works in the film and production industry.

You will hear a lot about him (he takes most of my outfit photos) and my best friend, Khalida (give her a follow over here) – who also takes my outfit photos on occassion.

I am a Banqueting Coordinator by Profession, Frocking Cotton was established in 2010 as a means of expressing my love for fashion, food and books (when I was in matric and looking for an outlet to think, feel and speak).

I am a lover of modest style and fashion – although I have been wearing my headscarf since 2005, I would say that I still have a long way to go in terms of Hijab and the aspects thereof (we are all trying here and we don’t judge).

Frocking Cotton has now become a platform for my love in events, style and minimalism.

Instagram: @nuhaa.bardien
Pinterest: Nuhaa Bardien Pinterest
Twitter: @nuhaabardien
Email: info@frockingcotton.co.za

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