25 Things in 25 Years

Hello lovelies! Happy Monday! Today is my 25th birthday (Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!!)

This post is 25 things I have learnt over 25 years!

1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
Life’s too short to worry about the minor details and the what ifs. Live in the now and enjoy the moments – they go by so quickly that you may miss it. I have learnt that you can’t please everyone so make sure that you put your happiness first.

2.  Stop Comparing
Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop comparing your life to a friend, colleague, family, etc. Just as everyone’s relationship is different, everyone’s life is as well. No one is on the same page at the same time and nobody will have the exact same experiences. Learn from your own and work with that.

3. Have a Skincare Routine
This has been a MUST since I was 13 years old. I always wash, tone and moisturise, clean my makeup off at night and recently started including a serum and an eye cream (see my skincare post here). Don’t forget the SPF!!!

4. Look After Your Health
You are never “too young” to start looking after yourself. Labeeq and I started going for annual health checks and tests this year (even though people tell us, “you’re too young to worry about that!”) Prevention is better than cure and it’s safer to know rather than living in ignorant bliss. Keeping up with gyming though – that’s a whole other post for another day (we’re trying here okay! haha)

5. Follow Your Passion
I took a gap year after I matriculated (which most people did not agree with and made sure that I knew it). This was one of the best decisions I have ever made – thereafter I went on to study Event Management (my biggest passion: events) and have now been working in the industry for the past 3 years. Do what makes you happy and follow your gut.

6. Find Your Style
Over the years I have tried so many different styles and combinations – I am finally in a place where I know exactly if something will work for me (and my wardrobe) simply by looking at it. I am still finding my actual style (it’s somewhere between athleisure meets 50s housewife hahaha).

7. Invest in Amazing Heels
Lately (like the past year or two) I haven’t worn much heels, save for the special occasions, weddings, evening events, etc. But I have always believed that when it comes to heels, it should be great quality, comfort and style. I love classic heels that withstand all the ever-changing trends (although a fun pair of rose gold heels are definitely on my wishlist!)

8. Heartbreak Can Be Amazing
A broken heart can be the start to new resolutions – you also get to know what you do and don’t want in future relationships and can then cut out all the crap going forward.

9. Learn to Laugh at yourself
Find humour in the moment and don’t take things so seriously

10. Dance Dance Dance
Dance like no one is watching

11. Treat Yo Self
Buy yourself a gift, flowers or treats – you work hard honey, so spoil yourself a little!

12. Read
Unplug and pick up that book. Nothing beats a real book (with that beautiful vanilla paper smell).

13. Have Your Own Hobbies
I love blogging and Labeeq games. We love doing things together but it’s also great that we have our own “things”.

14. Cook a Decent Meal
Learn to cook a good meal (starters, mains and desserts) – bring out the Ina Garten in you and make everything from scratch. One of our go to meals during the week is homemade falafel with hummus (made from scratch) – yum!

15. Learn To Do Your Makeup
Even if it’s just the basics – learn to blend your foundation and eyeshadow, perfect your matte lip look or even get the winged eyeliner down pat – That moment when your wings match on both eyes!

16. Sing in The Shower
It’s fun and the acoustics really make the performance

17. Invest in a Little Black Dress
It’s so versatile and never goes out of style

18. Take the Scenic Route
I love Sunday Drives – but especially taking an alternative route. You see so much and our City is so beautiful – definitely worth exploring

19. Make Time
Take the time to spend with your partner, make time for friends and family. We live in such a fast paced world, driven by technology. It’s great to just sit down, face to face, and spend quality time together

20. You Do You
Some people believe that they NEED to give you advice (however unsolicited this may be) – just nod your head and then do your own thing. At the end of the day it’s your life – do what works for you (and your partner of course!)

21. All You Need is Love
It really makes everything worth while

22. Adopt an Animal
I love my furry baby – there are so many pets that need forever homes – if you are by the means – definitely fill up your home with these little furry critters

23. Help Out
Help others, do your bit, take a little moment to look around you – you never know what that little act of kindness can do for someone

24. Drink Water
Water is life

25. Growing Up
Don’t be afraid of aging – it’s not all bad


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  1. I love this post! Especially the way you described your style – I agree lol. Please recommend a good eye cream? I am starting to think I should be incorporating it into my routine.

    1. Thank you Emma 🙂 I am currently using Avon Anew Ultimate Eye Cream – I really love the Rooibos Brand (I think they have an eye cream?? They have a serum which is amazing!)

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