Makeup Favourites – December/January

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all having a wonderful week and are weekend ready! I know I am.

For those who don’t know me – I love nailpolish! Always have, from the moment my mom bought me my first purple, glittery Tinkerbell peel off polish (that’s quite a mouthful, say that 10 times fast haha) I was hooked.

I was brought up in an Islamic household, my parents taught me right from wrong however, they knew that there is a difference between Haraam (forbidden) and Makroo (disliked) – and they ensured that we knew the which was which.

So when it came to nailpolish and I had not reached puberty, my parents would let me wear it and would even buy it for me (in the most ridiculous and brightest colours you can imagine) – my paternal grandmother (may Allah grant her Janatul-Firdows) was not too pleased about this.

Since I became of age I would only wear it during that time of the month (as I can’t pray). The reason for nailpolish being makroo is because of the ablution we perform before our prayers, and one of the requirements is that the water must reach the base of the nailbed (which cannot be done with nailpolish as it it not porous).

I still get comments constantly (woman in full on scarf with bright red nails! The shame!) but anyway this post is about my favourite neutral/nude polishes.

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