Makeup Favourites – August

Hi! Okay so I know this post is a little late but things have been so hectic with the renovations and just life ya know!

So this post is not exactly a makeup favourite – more a skincare favourite.

My sister and I were researching Korean Skincare, in a nutshell it is a 10-step regime consisting of:
– Oil Cleanser
– Foam Cleanser
– Exfoliator
– Toner
– Essence
– Serums
– Mask
– Eye Cream
– Face Cream
– SPF (for the day)

Which is done twice a day (yes, TWICE!) – so my sister found a sample kit on Wish Trend, called Klairs (link here) with the products we could use and test before buying the real thing.

Read more below about the products and the steps and my overall experience thus far.

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Buying a House – Part 5: Renovating

Hi Lovelies! Hope you are well.

Been a while since I’ve written about our home story – to catch you up, it’s been 6 months that we have now been staying in our home, we have the most amazing neighbours (more like parents and always looking out for us two) and settling in has been quite the journey (mind you, we are still living out of boxes!)

Now comes the dreaded renovating part – when we bought the house we knew that we would definitely need to do some work – we have essentially no kitchen and the house is completely bare save for one cupboard in the main bedroom.

With this in mind we knew we could make the space our own and design it in a way that would work for us (rather than work with what the previous owners had left behind – some people do not know how to plan around a space).

Now this is not an easy (or the cheapest task) but we have come up with some awesome tips to make this process just a little bit easier (Read More below!)

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