Wedding Guestlist – Who to invite

Hello hello! So Wedding Season is in full swing with bells a ringing… and blue birds singing.
Wedding Guest List
So, let’s get into it – Guest list’s are one of the most important pieces of the wedding. It allows the couple to share their day with the most important people in their lives, and brings families and friends together to celebrate the love shared.

As wedding planning can be a stressful task, planning the guest list is not the easiest (times this by a billion if you’re a young Muslim Girl in Cape Town).

Here are some tips to getting the inviting down to a tee:

Start with the parents – understand what it is they want to do, regarding the guest-list, and who they expect to be invited (with larger families it’s usually mom and dad’s aunts, uncles and cousins). Especially in Cape Town (and mostly with Muslim families) this is extremely important, as the chances that your parents are supporting you, financially, for the wedding, are quite high and to be courteous, you need to consider their ideas.

Narrow the numbers – get the total numbers of guests and use this as a baseline. If, for example, you’re having a wedding of 100 guests, you’re not going to invite Aunty so-and-so whom you don’t remember from the time she looked after you when you were 5. You will most likely stick to best friends, and aunts and uncles (or all your cousins, if you’re really close).

Start close – your best friend from primary school (who you haven’t seen in 10 years)? Yeah, trust me, you don’t need to. With my own wedding I decided to invite people that I had only seen in the last year or that had been to my house within the 6 months before the wedding… This may seem harsh, but I wanted to share my day with those who shared my life with me and people who had actually met Labeeq (my husband) before we got married.

I was invited to yours, so I must invite you to mine –  this is a common dilemma of couples, that I have heard time and again. Just because you were invited to someone’s wedding, this does not mean that they must be invited to yours. If you aren’t that close with someone (say college/university classmate) and you were invited to their wedding of 500 guests, do not feel obligated to invite them to yours (if you’re having a wedding of 200 guests).

At the end of the day – it is your wedding, the day to celebrate your love and share it with those who are close to you.

It’s over in a flash, so it’s important as to who you surround yourself with.

Would you want a big wedding, with loads of guests? Or a small intimate affair with a handful of people?

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